Saturday, October 20, 2007

Missing in Action

Hello Outlaws. I have been missing for a couple of months. I recently moved into my house out in the middle of nowhere and have been unpacking, cutting wood, building a greenhouse, putting in a wood stove, building a 600 foot fence, etc.

I did the Harvest Moon half iron in Denver in September, the longest, hardest race I've done since I had a shoulder and neck injury a decade ago. I finished, albeit very slowly. I won't be doing another race until next year and will stick with the shorter events (except maybe the quad).

I have a great deal of experience with the Mt Taylor Winter Quad if anyone has questions or needs to see the course. I have done it either solo, pair, or team twelve times.

Talk to everyone more later.



S. Baboo said...

Good to hear from you! I heard that the Harvest Moon was also kind of hot this year.

Karen said...

Harvest Moon was hot and windy on the bike course. I finished the first 28 miles in 1hour 30 minutes and was jazzed until I turned the corner and hit a 20 mile an hour head wind. I also bonked (not enough salt). I was on the run course when it started to rain and lightning. I got sleeted on (it went sideways into my right ear) but at least it wasn't hot for me on the run. I perked up quite a bit after downing several endurolyte capsules and had a negative split on my run.


SWTrigal said...

Hi Karen-
Congratulations on HM. Sounded brutal. H & I might be interested in the Quaad. I'll email you..
Debi :)